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Modern Classic Used Cars with Character, Excitement and Affordability
12/2/2015 Auto Ad Builder
These vehicles were not produced in great numbers and are thus hard to find (and some are sleepers because of reliability flaws).
How to Sell a Car or Truck for the most Money!
12/14/2014 Auto Ad Builder
Automotive Selling Tips to get the most for your vehicle. Here are some ideas that can make your vehicle stand out from the competition.
How to Buy a Used Car - Lot Tutorials Pre-Owned Dealer Walk Around
12/15/2014 Auto Ad Builder
When you enter a used car lot it is a good idea to view all of the cars on the lot. Are the vehicles on the lot properly cleaned and detailed?
Featured Listings
2018 Porsche Cayman
New York, NY
Mileage: 0
Price: $777
2018 Porsche Boxster
Lawrence Township, NJ
Price: $89,570
2017 Jeep Compass
Waynesboro, PA
Price: $1,999
2017 Ford Mustang
Huntington, AL
Mileage: 19,990
Price: $34,998
2017 Toyota Corolla
Waynesboro, PA
Price: $1,799