Audi Allroad K04 2.7T S-Line Quattro Avant

It's time to feel the wagon power!             A work in progress.

By far the Audi RS6 Plus is one of hottest looking and sinister Audi's ever produced. One problem, it never came to the U.S. legally. True "R" cars originated in the form of a station wagon only. The RS2 was one of the hottest caliberations every created and started it all.

Fast Forward to after the movies!

Lately everyone is jumping on the Audi bandwagon because of some headlights. Lets face it until certain movies mainstream people never paid attention to Audi's. Now every idiot and car manufacter is trying to add LED's to their vehicles. (Sorry Mercedes anyone can see that it was an add on - and it looks stupid) So now you even have older Audi's with LED's being added on? It actually makes the cars look older and outdated.

It all started back in 2002 when the new larger "S" badge was added to the S4 and S6. Prior to this you had the discrete German badges that could not be read unless you were on top if it. Audi wanted to show some flash and make people take notice. Then "R" badges began to appear on Ebay and some Audi owners started to put them on A4's and S4's calling them RS4's? Some owners actually believed they were driving RS4's, there was one huge flaw in their logic, they were sedans!

So what does this have to do with Allroad's? I read these so called Audi forums trying to find information and usually never do. What I do find is people crying about Allroad suspensions and transmissions. I worked for a pre-owned Audi dealer for sometime and we had sold more Audi's then all of the area's new car stores. What I found was simple you could tell right away which Allroad was good or bad. How you ask? By looking at it! If it was on the floor aka "suspension controller" buried in the transmission you don't buy it! If it had a check engine light aka "torque converter". You don't buy it!

Leave it alone        

Another thing that everyone seems to do is swap the air suspension out of them and color coat the fenders to match the paint? That is what makes the Allroad an Allroad and not an A6 Avant or S6. So what makes a true beautiful looking and sinister Allroad? How about an Allroad Plus:

2002 Audi Allroad 2.7T KO4 S-Line Quattro Avant