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Car Dealership 4k Drone Commercials
12/21/2016 Auto Ad Builder
Drone Aerial Photography and Video of Car Dealerships. 4k Car Dealership Commercials
Blocking out a Vehicles License Plate with a Finger
4/26/2016 Steve Leyland
Crazy tactics for no reason
Modern Classic Used Cars with Character, Excitement and Affordability
12/2/2015 Auto Ad Builder
These vehicles were not produced in great numbers and are thus hard to find (and some are sleepers because of reliability flaws).
Automotive Photography and Video in Tennessee NOT BOB Channel
9/4/2015 NOT BOB
Automotive Photographer and Videographer for Hire, located in the Tennessee area.
Check Engine Light on? What does it mean?
7/29/2015 AutoAdBuilder
What does it mean when the light comes on? Is it the end of the line for the automobile?
Determine the cost of your vehicle before Selling it
6/16/2015 Auto Ad Builder
We look at how the vehicle will compare to other prices locally and nationally to reflect vehicle pricing.
How to Sell a Car or Truck for the most Money!
12/14/2014 Auto Ad Builder
Automotive Selling Tips to get the most for your vehicle. Here are some ideas that can make your vehicle stand out from the competition.
How to Buy a Used Car - Lot Tutorials Pre-Owned Dealer Walk Around
12/15/2014 Auto Ad Builder
When you enter a used car lot it is a good idea to view all of the cars on the lot. Are the vehicles on the lot properly cleaned and detailed?