How to Buy a Used Car - Lot Tutorials Pre-Owned Dealer Walk Around

12/15/2014 Auto Ad Builder


Used Car Lot Walk Around

When you enter a used car lot it is a good idea to view all of the cars on the lot. Are the vehicles on the lot properly cleaned and detailed? Look over the paint on the vehicles and see if the dealer has an autobody. Many dealers that have an autobody on the premises can purchase crashed vehicles at low prices and resale them at full price. 

Look over the tires on the autos in the lot, are they bold or warn? Look over the rims and make sure that they are straight, man cars have bent wheels and can be a costly replacement. Make sure during the test drive you take the vehicle on the highway to feel for unbalanced steering and tires. Many dealers try to pawn off unsafe vehicles on to unsuspecting customers, the result can be not passing state inspection or injury.

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